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Keller, Grapevine, Southlake, and Roanoke Businesses: Safely Tow Your Heavy-Duty Vehicles with Edd’s Towing – More than 3 Decades of Experience!

Need a large vehicle or heavy equipment towed? Which towing company should you trust?
You don’t want to get a call from your towing company that says your vehicle got dropped on the highway. You don’t want to have them show up later than promised, or tow your vehicle to the wrong place.

You need things done right the first time. You want your equipment to get to its destination without any damage. You want it there so you can get your job started on time so you can fulfill the promises you made in your contract. You need to look like the smart, competent business decision maker you are.

Edd’s Towing Safely and Reliably Does All Your Heavy-Duty Towing Service

Whether you’re located in Keller, Grapevine, Southlake, or Roanoke, Edd’s Towing can help you out. Our owner, Lance Hight, has been towing overdimensional loads for more than three decades. Lance has a wide variety of experience and will do everything possible to ensure your heavy load is transported and safely delivered to its final destination. You’ll even get Lance’s cell phone number so you can talk with him directly if needed.

Lance’s wife, Rhonda, ensures you get fast service from experienced and qualified tow truck drivers. She makes sure all drivers do what they need to keep their certifications and stay in compliance with Texas’ increasingly tough towing laws. She also updates and coordinates all office tools to make sure all drivers give you the fastest service possible.

It’s a level of towing service only an experienced husband-and-wife team can deliver. It might be why Edd’s Towing keeps a perfect A+ BBB rating, even after nearly two decades under Rhonda and Lance’s leadership.
Need to do a heavy-duty tow? Call Rhonda or Lance anytime at 817.431.4569 to learn the safest, most secure way to do your tow, and to get your free quote.